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Name:Laura Jacobsen
Country:USA Date:7 Jul 2008 16:03:42 GMT

Comment: Saw your work in Pastel Journal. Absolutely love it, just gorgeous.

Name:Donna Gibson
Country:UNITED STATES Date:8 Jul 2008 19:51:31 GMT

Comment: Your work is wonderful for our eyes. "The Pastel Journal" article about you is so interesting. I do pastel and will try some of your approaches in the future. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work with us.

Name:Bruce Gray
Country:CANADA Date:13 Jul 2008 01:15:07 GMT

Comment: Ms. Atkinson, I first saw photographs of your paintings in the latest issue of The Pastel Journal, and loved them. I dabble in watercolour, and would like to get into pastel. I will have to find some instruction. Your paintings show me what can be done. And I find your point of view extremely attractive. Have a good trip to India. I will watch your web site for paintings from there. Bruce

Name:Mary A. Nadeau
Country:USA Date:26 Jul 2008 17:26:21 GMT

Comment: Just wanted to tell you how much I loved your work featured in the Patel magazine issue dateAugust 2008. I loved the way your colors just leaped off the page. I have not done much with pastel and would love to learn .. Have you written any books that are on the market because I would run out and buy one. I would love to experiment with something other than watercolor and pastels look exciting. Hope you will be featured again. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work. Mary

Name:Nancy Dimsdle
Country:US Date:31 Jul 2008 21:05:57 GMT

Comment: Thank you for sharing your beautiful pastel work in Pastel Journal. I just love your style, composition and colors. I notice on your welcome page that you're holding a book with one of your pictures on the cover. Is it available for purchase? I'd love to have a copy for a more permanent record of your work. I can't wait to try your technique, although I'm a beginner, I love painting the human form. Congratulations on being published in P.J. and hopefully you'll put some of your paintings from India on your website for us all to enjoy. Travel safely. ND

Name:Marjorie Finlay

Country:CANADA Date:24 Aug 2008 15:53:31 GMT

Comment: Enjoyed the article in the Pastel Journal and your unique style with pastels. I look forward to seeing more of your work in oils. Have a super trip to India.

Name: Anne Wilkinson
Country: UNITED STATES Date: 7 Feb 2009 01:55:01 GMT

Comment: Enjoyed seeing your work. i like your compositions very much. i work in oil paint, mostly landscapes, but sometimes i do interiors or still life.

Name: Tolu Aliki

Date: 18 Jul 2009 18:00:35 GMT

Comment: Hello ma, i came across yoy paintings in the pastel journal in Lagos here, I love your composition..and some of your African themes..keep in up! Im a pastel painter too You should see my oil pastel paintings too at With best reagards, Tolu Aliki

Name: Rochelle Libson Email:
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Country: UK  Date: 16 Apr 2010 11:59:36 GMT

Comment: Had the pleasure of seeing some of your work at the Mall Galleries yesterday, and having a brief chat with you while you worked. Your work is beautiful, and very inspiring.

Name: jane bowden Email:
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Country: AUSTRALIA  Date: 23 Jul 2011 01:04:03 GMT

Comment: Was introduced to your work via a 2008 pastel journal in my art class. I am a pastel enthusiast but also dabble in art quilts. I would love to try to interpret one of your art pieces with fabric. Thankyou for the inspiration.

Name: Hennico Romain Email: 
Welcome Page:  http://www,  
Country: LUXEMBOURG  Date: 29 Sep 2011 20:19:14 GMT

Comment: Hi Ms Atkinson, fantastic and so beautiful, I like your colours, especially the still lifes, great, I love it.

Name: Renée B. Email:
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Country: FRANCE  Date: 9 Oct 2011 15:53:14 GMT

Comment: Tres chère Je suis en admiration devant vos magnifiques tournesols,je peind à l'huile et des problèmes d'allergies me poussent à changer de médium jaime l'idée d'associer l'acrylique au pastel et vous m'en donné l'envie je remercie "Pratique des Arts qui vous à présentée

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